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3. Three Fears

Ok That Is Extremely General But I Guess Thats The Point Really Hm Let Me Think A Minute
I Definitely Fear Some Kind Of Falling Out With My Mom That Would Just Be Horrible Shes Been So Good To Me So Far And Id Rather Just Keep Things The Way They Are Though I Do Feel As If We Are Drifting Apart And It Worries Me And Makes Me Anxious So Yeah I Guess Thats My Most Pressing Fear At The Moment

A Second One Would Probably Be Being Inadequate In Some Way And Publicly Displaying It I Mean That Seems Pretty Horrible And I Wouldnt Want That Spreading

A Third Well Hm I Dont Know Theres Nothing Really Pressing On My Mind Recently Beyond Those Things And To Be Frank They Are Always Kind Of Nagging At The Back Of My Head Incessantly Like Five Year Old Children Who Desire Nothing More Than For Their Parental Figure To Take Them To A Water Park But The Car Ride Is About An Hour Long And Their Excitement Is Simply Unbridled And They Are Horribly Impatient So The Only Words Out Of Their Collective Mouths Are Are We There Yet Every Three Minutes To The Point That The Mother Cant Help But Look At Her Partner And Sigh Loudly Every Three Seconds As Their Grip Tightens On The Wheel And Their Teeth Grit For Now Their Partner Is Upset And That Means No One Is Going To Be Happy At The End Of It And Thats Me I Guess To Bring This Allegory Full Circle
Also There Is A High Probability Of Sunburn

 But Yeah For A Third I Dont Know Maybe Messy Relations That Would Be Bad
Im Not Really Afraid Of A Lot So This Is Slightly Difficult You Understand

12. What Time Was I Born

Oh Yeah Let Me Just Bust Out My Handy Dandy Incredibly Precise Birth Certificate And Discern The Exact Time At Which I Came Into This World 
That Was A Joke If You Didnt Catch It

In Any Case I Dont Know And I Have No Way Of Knowing Seeing As My Mom Has No Way Of Knowing Either And Thats Fine
So I Have No Idea I Guess Is The Answer And Honestly I Couldnt Care Less About The Real Answer To This Question

30. Favorite Band

The New York Philharmonic  
Ok Ill Stop Being Stupid Its Adele

34. My Relationship With My Parents

 Ok There Is No Plural To That In My Family For The Record
Theres Just Me And My Mom And It Works Out Well Honestly I Love Her A Lot And She Gives Me Enough Space When I Need It But When I Need Help Shes Always There Too I Hate To Put It Like This But Im Pretty Sure Shes My Best Friend I Tell Her Everything And It Goes Away
Mostly Everything

Theres Just A Lot Of Trust Between Us And Its Nice And Id Hate For It To Be Ruined

46. If I Were Drunk And I Cant Stand Who Is Taking Care Of Me

I Have Answered This Previously In Some Other Set But Ok
Im Pretty Sure The Answer Is The Same That Is It Really Depends If I Was Stupid Enough To Get Drunk In My House My Mom Would Be Doing It But She Would Also Be Berating Me For My Sudden Influx In Stupidity  The Entire Time So It Would Just Be Unpleasant
If I Were At My Old School It Would Be Me Myself And I And Maybe My Friends Would Laugh I Dont Know
At This One Im Not Sure It Would Depend On Vriskas Mood And Also If She Were Smashed Too But Realistically Speaking It Would Still Be Just Me Taking Care Of Myself And Of Course If Vriska Was Drunk Id Take Care Of Her Too So Its Just An Added Burden Really
Shes Not Really The Tending Type You Understand Which Is Fine I Can Take Care Of Myself Even If I Cant Stand I Mean You Have Not Ruled Out Crawling

So Yeah Either My Mom Or Me Isnt That Something


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Kanaya: Consider the Following


I could make up all of the excuses to keep them from potentionally meeting. Allllllll of them. But fiiiiiiiine, ignore my brilliant plan! You’re the one who’ll miss the greeeeeeeeat opportunity to see the city.” Vriska frowned.

She was getting a little more than peeved, which really wasn’t how she’d wanted this day to go. Most people would jump at the chance to see an unknown city – but Kanaya had to keep bring up her mom and how her mom would react. Ugh.  If she didn’t want to go, she could just say so. No need to bring parents into this. She just couldn’t believe that someone could be so goddamn concerned about their mother’s response that they would give up asking before even trying.

Bluh. Cool down Vriska, the day was just getting started.

What, do you really think I wouldn’t visit a desert? It might be boring as hell, but it would beat staying at my own house. That’s for sure.
Even if she had to deal with someone else’s overbearing mother. Yup, definitely sounded better than dealing with her own. Not that she particularly wanted to deal with either, per se, but one was the lesser of two evils as it were.
Not that it even mattered, she’d planned to stay at school during the holiday breaks and wow she really needed to look into that soon.
Hey, I can say tiny things like ‘’please’ and ‘thank you’ and all that shit, as long as the woman doesn’t expect me to engage in a full conversation with her.

And man, who the hell would jump to a conclusion like lesbian gypsy lovers if their kid didn’t show up for a few days? That idea was completely ridiculous – Vriska’d coined that phrase as of five minutes ago and even she knew it was not a thing that happened. Like, ever.  There were much more logical conclusions to be drawn here.
Thinking your kid decided to have a little harmless, independent fun? Sure.
Thinking your kid decided to stay at school? Sure.
Thinking your kid decided to run off and become a lesbian gypsy lover/something equally horrible-sounding? Just no.

Kanaya. That’s just downright insane. And I’m pretty sure you can join a band of gypsies if you want to, it’s not birth-only.
She actually didn’t know how true that was. She wasn’t even entirely sure what gypsies did, besides dance around people and steal their wallets while travelling around. But they were pretty cool, and pretty high up on her list, somewhere under pirates. Thieves were awesome as a general rule of thumb.
You care too much about your mom’s opinion.

She didn’t feel like discussing that anymore right now – it was obviously a battle neither of them would win and they had the whole day ahead of them, with plenty more fights to be had.
So she grabbed her polystyrene cup as she got up from the table with a “Yeah” and threw it out.

So, where to next?

Yeah no that wouldn’t work.  You see that plan works under the assumption that my mom would have limited interest in meeting yours and that’s simply false you understand she wants to be a part of my life and therefore would stop at nothing to ensure that the meeting went off without a hitch.

She fiddled with her purse for a moment, as if she was looking for something.  ”Please do not falsely interpret this as an indication of my disinterest because that is simply not the case I would love to visit you it’s just it probably won’t happen in the foreseeable future.

But huh.  That was new.

No I’m pretty sure you would find it just as bad as your previous residence within a day or two considering it takes an hour to get to the nearest town and you’d either be stuck inside with me all day or you’d be out in the garden because you’re not supposed to wander off you could get lost and once you get lost in the desert I’m not sure if there’s any hope left for you.

There were very few rules simply around Kanaya’s house — just a sort of loose guidelines that both daughter and mother had agreed on (never explicitly stated, of course) to make sure that the day to day duties were taken care of.  Mom makes breakfast, both wash dishes; every day they both do some sort of cleaning, Bossy is walked four times a day, whatever.  It all worked out pretty well and there was no cause for complaints.
That was, except for the incredibly strict “don’t go out beyond where you can actually see the house unless you’re following the road” rule.  
That one was strictly enforced, duly punished and altogether expected.

Deserts were kind of dangerous.

And erm.
Wow, Vriska honestly didn’t get this caring parent thing.
Oh, she would.  At first only when I’m around so that you feel a little more at ease but then she would work into just talking to you when I’m out walking the dog or doing a chore or taking a shower or whatever and she’d expect you to stay with her and just talk for a moment.  It’s called being interested in the people your daughter hangs out with it’s something that usually works well for a parent.

Kanaya knew her mom, and if she had to give a rough estimate, she’d say it would take one day for her mom to start grilling Vriska for details in her own light, non-confrontational manner.
Probably not the type of visit she’d want, honestly.

And wow Vriska, honestly.
Ok allow me to remind you that you were the one who first suggested the preposterous scenario and elucidate to you the situation that is I was just playing along, stupid.
She rolled her eyes, playing with the contents of her purse for a minute before zipping it up and standing up, walking over to the trash and throwing out her cup.
Well I guess we can just wander around.  I’d suggest asking someone if there’s a gelato place but I’m sure the adventure is what we’re after here.  So we can just walk I guess.

Kanaya walked over to the door, propping it open for Vriska.

After you.